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Trip Tips


How much does a rental cost?
All base prices for RV rentals can be found on our web site. Just click on the “Choose an RV” tab and then click on the RV you like to see all the prices. Select the season during which you would like to rent and the desired vehicle and we can provide a quick quote with all costs and taxes. Just submit the quote request form from the web site for an email quote on the unit of your choice or call us for a phone quote.

Is there a minimum amount of time that we have to rent?
Our minimum rental rate is for 4 days and 3 nights, but you don’t have to keep it that long.

What kind of gas mileage will we get?
Mileage depends on the size of the motorhome, the terrain, (hills or flat), the wind, how fast you drive (65 or less is best and safest) and the weather driving conditions. Generally, you should get between 7 and 10 miles per gallon depending on all of the above.

Do I need a special driver’s license to drive a motorhome?
All you need is to be 18 if you have your own auto insurance that will cover RV rental, or 25 years old if you must use our rental insurance, and possess a valid regular driver’s license. RV’s are considered recreational vehicles and do not require a commercial license.

When can I pick up the motorhome?
RV’s are picked up by appointment only Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 4 pm. Allow up to 1-1/2 hours after arrival for paperwork completion and unit operations training before departure. Saturday morning pick ups are available for an additional $50 fee. Sunday pickups are not available.

Is it difficult to drive a motorhome?
Motorhomes handle much like an SUV,van or truck, especially the “C” class units which have a van chassis. Class A units are more like a truck. We will give you verbal instructions before you depart.

Are motorhomes difficult to hook up?
No not at all. At your pick up appointment you will be given a familiarization tour and learn how to hook up the water, the electric, the sewer, etc. We train you on all operations aspects before you leave our lot.

Are there awnings on the motorhome?
Yes, all of our units do have camp-side awnings and we teach you how to extend and retract them easily.

Are pets allowed in the motorhomes?
Yes, we allow small dogs or cats with an additional $250 pet deposit. $200 is fully refundable provided there is no hair, odor or damage left in the unit caused by the pet. Pets are not allowed on the furniture or bedding and must be kept in a crate at night or when you are not in the RV. 

Can we smoke in the motorhome?
There is absolutely no smoking in any of our units. Remember, these are individual owner’s personal RV’s they have on consignment for rental. There is no tobacco of any kind allowed in any unit.

Can we travel one way to our destination or do we have to travel round trip?
You must travel round trip, unless you make special arrangements with us at an additional cost to cover all our travel expenses to come retrieve the RV. In some instances we do offer delivery and pick up service. These options are only available at our sole discretion.

How much does it cost to stay in campgrounds?
Campground rates vary based on time of year and what facilities they offer and what area they are located in. Generally you can expect to pay between $30 and $70 per night. State parks usually have the best rates and usually have gorgeous facilities. Check the state’s web site for parks and rates.

What kind of facilities might a campground offer?
A partial list of commonly found facilities would include: electric, water, sewer hook-ups, washer, dryer, swimming pool, playground, BBQ pits, on-site convenience store. Some even offer water parks.

Are there any places we cannot take the motorhome?
Yes. You may not travel into Mexico. Also, Death Valley and other desert areas are not allowed during the hot months. Vehicles are not allowed on logging or other non-public roads such as the Apache Trail in Arizona. No off road use is allowed.

What if I return the vehicle before the date it is due?
No refunds will be made for early returns, late pick-ups or unused free miles or generator time. You have our RV scheduled for certain dates so we are unable to rent it to others.

Is it safe to drink the water from the motorhome tank?
No, we do not recommend this. It is difficult to know if the water is potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. We recommend you use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is fine for washing and bathing.

What if I am involved in an accident?
You must notify Great Escape RV immediately of an accident, get a full police report on scene and take pictures of all damage.

What is your cancellation policy?
A reservation deposit will be refunded less a $100.00 administration fee if cancellation is 30 days or more before rental departure date. If cancellation is between 14-30 days before rental pick up date, the deposit is held for one year for your use on any rental within that year. For cancellations less than 14 days from pick up date you forfeit the entire deposit amount as liquidated damages since we have lost the chance to rent it for your dates.

Should we bring pots, pans and linens?
Most locals bring their own linens, cookware, ice chests, camp chairs, dishes, towels, etc. However, we do offer these accessories at an additional fee, just check with us for accessory rental rates.

When can I pick up my vehicle?
You must make an appointment with us for the time to pick up your rental. Our normal pick up hours are Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 4 pm. Saturday morning pickups are available for an additional $50 pick up fee. No pick ups on Sunday.

Is mileage included in the rental cost?
We include more free miles with your rental than anyone we know of. 100 free miles per rental day or for a week long rental we give 1,000 free miles. Extra miles range between .29 cents and .39 cents depending on the unit.

What deposits are required?
For most of our units we only require a $500 reservation/security deposit. For a few of our larger Class A luxury units we require $1,000. This  amount must be paid on a VISA, Mastercard or Discover card at the time of your reservation. It is held in an escrow bank account  until you return the unit, then refunded back to your credit card less any additional charges you may incur. This is not applied to your rental amount that is due at pick up.

Is there a charge for the generator?
You get 2 free hours per rental day. You have the option of paying $2 per hour for additional generator time or you can pay $20 per day times all your rental days for unlimited attended use generator time, your choice at or before checkout.

How do I pay for the rental?
Deposits must be paid buy either VISA, Mastercard or Discover. The rental, insurance, extra mileage or generator charges due at pick up can be paid in cash, credit card or debit card.

Can I tow my car or boat behind the motorhome?
Yes, we do allow towing of certain size tow vehicles for an additional $100 tow fee. The RV’s have a 2″ receiver hitch. You must furnish your own towing accessories.

What if the motorhome breaks down?
If the RV has a mechanical failure you will immediately call us and we will dispatch an authorized repair technician or will have you take the RV to a nearby service center.

Is there a ladder so we can get on the roof to watch the race?
No. You are never allowed on top of the RV. The ladders are for service personnel only.

Are there bike racks?
Yes, we rent a bike rack or you can bring your own.

Are there leveling jacks on the RV?
Some of the larger RV’s do have leveling jacks. Most do not.